Features of SkoolMan

SkoolMan offers a host of services which meet every bucket of your needs, be it safety, convenience or efficiency. Lets have a look:


  • Real Time GPS tracking

    SkoolMan tracks the location of buses on a real time basis to provide you the exact location through an easily comprehensible graphical map ensuring safety of the children on board.

  • Alerts

    Specifically designed SMs or email based alerts about unwanted bus driving behaviours like over-speeding, stoppage, entering/ exiting a geo-fence etc and prompt you to take preventive actions.

  • 256 bit data encryption

    With the 256 bit AES encryption enabled device, SkoolMan ensures that your data remains secure from any unauthorized access.

  • Remote unit management

    The over-the-air programming feature helps us in analysing, programming and configuring your device from our own locations saving you time and money

  • Restricted Area Geo fencing

    Mark the restricted zones through Geo-fencing, and receive alerts to make sure that none of the buses enter into a zone which can be unsafe for the children onboard.


  • Route Management

    With the help of SkoolMan, you can plan the trip of your buses following different routes in each of the working shifts.

  • Report Generation

    With SkoolMan you can generate extensive reports to analyze the performance of your vehicles and drivers eventually optimizing your fleet performance.

  • Fleet related reminders

    SkoolMan prompts reminders to make sure you don't miss out on bus related renewals of insurance, Road Tax, Vehicles Registration etc. ensuring optimum availability of your fleet.

  • Executive Dashboard

    The dashboard helps you to analyze a bunch of data in one go according to your own time frame specifications, be it month-wise, week wise or week day wise.

  • Engine Idling monitoring

    Keep a track of the duration your vehicle went idle. SkoolMan helps you take corrective actions to minimize the fuel consumed while your school bus went idle.

  • Harsh Acceleration and Harsh Braking Alert

    SkoolMan helps you ensure safety of the children onboard by triggering harsh acceleration and harsh braking alerts and hence preventing any mishap.


  • SMS based alerts to parents - One stop answer to the all the worries of parents.

    Send out automatic SMS alerts to parents whenever your buses reach the school campus with children safely onboard. Also send alerts to remind them of the arrival time at the respective bus stops.

  • SMS based query for parents - Information on the go

    Hassle free SMS based query system will ensure that the parents' queries are answered in no time. Being independent of data connectivity, it provides a highly reliable way to receive the most updated information .

  • Mobile Application

    With the mobile application of SkoolMan, now parents can track the buses live. It is extremely easy to use and provides the most updated information The application can be downloaded from Android application store.


Get greater control over your school bus fleet management operation which will lead to increased safety, higher productivity, smarter and faster processes and greater operational control with the aid of remote vehicle tracking.


  • OEM Reliablity
  • State-of-the-art Equipment
  • Data Security
  • Strong Support System
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  • Real Time School Bus Tracking
  • Unsafe Driving Alerts
  • Restricted Area Movement Alerts
  • Extensive Fleet Performance Reports
  • Route Management
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