Real time school bus tracking and automatic alerts to school on unsafe driving behaviour


Route optimization and vehicle utilization analysis through extensive fleet reports and reminders


Timely SMS alerts to parents for arrival and departure info from school or bus stop
Safety of School children commuting through School Buses is a cause of concern for Parents as well as School authorities. Why hasn't the bus arrived till now? Has there been a breakdown or has it met with an accident on the way? Does the bus route pass through unsafe/accident prone areas? Parents are equally stressed about time management while dropping and picking up their kids from bus stops: Should you waste the precious morning time waiting at the bus stop? If the bus is delayed, must you be late for work as well? Tata Motors' SkoolMan Telematics system for School Buses, provides a solution not only for these but many other problems as well. No longer should you worry about the safety of your children onboard or count minutes while waiting at the Bus stop.

For the Fleet Managers and Operational heads of the School Bus Fleets, SkoolMan offers a versatile and comprehensive solution for monitoring and managing the performance of the Buses, both individually and collectively. They can not only control the routes, schedules, alerts to parents and the safe-unsafe zones' demarcation but also manage them dynamically based on an extensive set of reminders and reports.